Explorer's Tread Team

Explorer's Tread
Zane Davies


A true water baby since 2 weeks of age, Zane’s passion for the outdoors was largely formed from childhood adventures on water, land and snow. His diverse background of outdoor education, geography, history, trail building and fire fighting all contribute to a knowledge based guiding experience. Zane’s favourite past time is spent kayaking, canoeing and mountain biking with Zev.

Muffy Davies


Raised walking barefoot through her parents farm fields in Belmore as a child helped form Muffy’s love and appreciation for nature. Muffy is a full-time paramedic. She is a fully certified guide and has a plethora of experience guiding trips all over Ontario. Muffy’s favourite past time is hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, photography and exploring new places with her dogs, with Roz on her back.


Zev & Roz
Roz our newest member of the Explorer's Tread Team, arrived in October 2019. 
Both Roz and Zev can be seen hiking the trails, paddling a canoe and riding a bike with mom and dad.

Talvi (Sisu 2006-2018)
Talvi is a Karelian Bear Dogs, orignially from Finland, this breed was born to be in the outdoors! She love long walks, great views and finding places not yet discovered! Most of our exploration is done with her leading us! Let us know if you would like either her to accompany you on your next adventure!