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full moon


Night time paddles strip you of your senses but only until the full moon comes up. You will be amazed with the twinkle in the sky, the reflection of the moon, the sound of your blade caressing the water and your kayak slicing through glass; now you have a night to remember!


strawberry moon

The leaves on the trees have returned, making the world a lush green. The frantic spring energy has been replaced by a lazy summer breeze. The animals go about raising their young as food becomes plentiful.


Celebrating with good company and strawberry shortcakes!


buck moon

The male deer begins to regrow their antlers as summer peeks and matures. The summer weather rolls across the landscape as it joyfully encourages nature to grow and produce.

Join us as we enjoy local produce and welcome the full moon.


sturgeon moon

The grain ripens in the fields and the sturgeons become plentiful in the lakes. The moon takes on a red hue from the summer haze. It is the beginning of the harvest season and the time to begin preparing for the winter.

Enjoy a special treat as we embrace the summer.


harvest moon

The fields are ready for harvest and the bright light of the harvest moon allows us the extra time needed to finish the harvest. The leaves on the trees begin to turn colour. The summer’s sunshine gives way to the fall’s darkening evenings.

Paddling, full moon and pumpkin pie what could be better?


hunters moon

The leaves fall from the trees and the fields stand empty after harvest. The forest’s animals have fattened up for the winter ahead..

Embrace the coming months with the last full moon paddle of the year. Apple cider and a special treat to end the night off.

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