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Try paddling the Bruce Peninsula! Why? We have an East Coast, West Coast, freshwater (no saltwater like the other funny smelling coasts!), vivid escarpment, scenic views and it’s amazing for paddling! Your extraordinary adventure can take you from the Peninsula’s scenic inland lakes to our open water sea kayaking on Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. Yup, its this extraordinary.........


Half Day Paddle - 3.5 hours: 2-6 people $75/person


Beneath the Lion's Head- paddle along the grey hues of the escarpment while exploring the underbelly of the lion


Slice of Light - explore the shores around a beautiful lighthouse and catch a glimpse of shore birds

Full Day Paddle - 7 Hours: 2-6 people $145/person

A little Hungover - Paddle past overhanging rocks, on top of clear blue waters and discover hidden paradises.


Cove Dunkin' - this trip really has it all, holes, pots, rumps.. Dunk in to Georgian Bay with us!


(*all full day trips include snacks and a gourmet lunch)

Multi Day contact us for more details


White Smokey Cape - 2 day/1 night -


Fathom-it by Paddle - 3 day/2 night -


Rush of the Lion's Cape - 3 day/2 night -





Sun Rise: Rise to the morning sun with an awakening paddle. Start your day with serenity as you paddle your kayak along the shores Georgian Bay. $65 per person/ min 2 people


Sun Set: Dusk is a magical time to be on the water, so what could be more blissful than paddling a kayak with the setting of the sun. We push off as the sun is beginning to set for an evening of relaxation. With the light from the lighthouse growing brighter, we will listen as the wildlife settles in for the night. $65 per person/ min 2 people


*Trip length is 2.5 hours and would begin/end at sunrise or sunset. Because sunset/sunrise is always changing throughout the year it is hard to set an actual time, however, they typically occur between 6 am-9 am in the morning and 7 pm-10 pm in the evening.


Location: Cabot Head Lighthouse




Night time paddles strip you of your senses but only until the full moon comes up. You will be amazed with the twinkle in the sky, the reflection of the moon, the sound of your blade caressing the water and your kayak slicing through glass; now you have a night to remember!

Custom Trips Available: email us for more info!

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