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Let us show you the area the quick way! We have excellent mountain biking that is rarely shared with others. Whether you want us to show you a beginner route or land a helicopter to guide you for the day (seriously, it happened...more than once) we will deliver your extraordinary ride onto a single track platter!


FatBike Tire
Half Day Ride - 3.5 hours: 1 person $95
                                         2-6 people $65/person


Stone Rush - bike the secret spots, enjoy the views  and feel the rush


Stones, Spokes and Snakes - ride rolling and rugged single track through a forgiving forest while discovering hidden treasures all around you. You will be amazed with what you find.!



Fat Bike the Bruce
Full Day Ride - 7 Hours:  1 person: $165
                                      2-6 people $135/person
Spoke Rush - Enjoy a full days ride through hidden trails, over challenging terrian and reap the beneifits with amazing views!


(*all full day trips include snacks and a gourmet lunch)

Kayak and Bike
Kayak & Bike contact us for more details



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