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The Peninsula Bruce Trail Section is the most spectacular of whole 800 km long Bruce Trail.  It is so special that it may just keep popping up on that good old bucket list. Let us show you the secret spots while you are fixated on the view over and over and over again. Your extraordinary adventure begins with us!


Half Day Treks - 3.5 hours - $65/person


The Devil's Lillie - discover the sounds of a hidden waterfall and search for wild edible treasures on the forest floor.

Rock A'boot - skirting the edge of the escarpment you  will be lead through a passageway to a hidden cave.


Rope-Ness of Hope - flora and fauna awaits you, as you dig deeper into the depths of the peninsula and discover what is beneath your feet.


Full Day Treks - 7 Hours - $160 for 1 person
                                         $135 for 2-6 people


Ring Around the Lion - this full day trek will give you a north, east, and south view of Georgian Bay. Explore interesting geomorphology while taking in the scenic turquoise water of glacial lakes long past.


Forty Chin Whips - not to worry, this trek is not 40kms long nor will your chin be whipped! Serenity is easily found by exploring the forests and scenic vistas of the Bruce.

(*all full day trips include snacks and a gourmet lunch)

Backpacking Trips contact us for more details


Tread the Bruce - 3 day/2 night - $360/person

Smoke of the Lion's Gun - 3 day/2 night - $360/person

The Beaver and the Lion - 3 day/2 night - $360/person




(*all food and some gear included)

Custom Trips Available: email us for more info!


Discover the beauty of these tiny masterpieces which have been created by nature for us to discover and enjoy.  Orchid hunting is all about timing and patients... Lucky for you we visit many locations often to make sure you will experience Orchids looking their best and in full bloom.  Keep in mind that they have their own schedule, so please contact us ahead of time so you will not miss your opportunity. (Late May to June)

Orchid Experience

Photo Tour

Experience the Bruce Peninsula through your lens.

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